Do you recognize yourself or your business in any of the following statements?
"Things are so hectic just doing business that it seems we can't afford to stop and think about dealing with all the current problems, much less plan for the future."
"We lose so much time and productivity to personnel issues: poor hiring decisions, personality conflicts, turnover, to name just a few. It feels as if we're constantly 'putting out fires.' "
"I know where I want to lead this team, but I can't seem to get everyone on board."
"My instincts tell me something isn't quite right-but I can't quite put my finger on it, so how can I fix it?"
"Our managers had great skills for the job they used to do, but the company has grown, and now we need leaders who think differently, have new skills, and can act as 'owners.' How do we make this personnel upgrade without causing a whole new set of problems?"
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"I can truly say that our affiliation with you has both raised the overall morale of the company and has added to our bottom line profitability. As rapidly as changes come to our specialized niche industry, our relationship with you has allowed us to stay one step ahead of our competition."
Susan Weimer
Corporate Training Manager
Wendover Funding/EDS