At von Clemm Leadership Solutions, we are as focused on the bottom line as you are. We help you align your people and your business systems for greater productivity and profitability and we do this in a way that meets your needs, not ours.
Many corporate consultants and performance coaches provide "customized" solutions that aren't customized, and "comprehensive" strategies that cost a fortune, while trying to create long-term relationships that feather their nests for years to come.
Elisabeth von Clemm
Elisabeth von Clemm
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This is not how we do things.

We foster independence in our clients. We are a consultancy, not a dependency.

Von Clemm Leadership Solutions start by diagnosing the real human performance problem. We learn about your entire system-not just one part of it-so we can formulate a prioritized, doable plan. Only then do we facilitate the needed change, supplying an assortment of proven tools, strategies, training, and consulting services adapted and arranged to meet your unique needs. You can implement as much or as little as makes sense for you in view of both your objectives and all available resources.
Cut through the distractions and dilemmas of daily operations to uncover what's really affecting your company's productivity;
Apply direct, no-nonsense solutions to move you or your company forward;
Help your people make the changes necessary to improve their performance;
Create more cohesive teams that work with (rather than against or in spite of) your business systems;
Develop successful managers who create momentum for themselves and everyone around them.
"Elisabeth von Clemm is a gem in a world of dull, drab, cookie-cutter people calling themselves leadership coaches. I've worked in the management consulting business and in executive level positions long enough to have witnessed many of those dull people offer up bland solution after bland solution based on the latest business-book trend. Elisabeth shines because she listens. She hears what you need, even if you do not. She then creates custom solutions to your very individual needs. No cookie-cutters, no best-selling business-book trends, no jargon; just good, plain-spoken, results-driven, personalized, hard-hitting solutions that make people more effective and efficient."
Dale McGlothlin
Chief Operating Officer
Genesis Aviation
Greensboro, North Carolina
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Addressing Critical Issues

"The truth about an organization's real issues is that they rarely see the light of day, much less the glare of the boardroom. Elisabeth manages to bring these topics to the forefront and induces the organization to address them while maintaining a high level of trust and confidentiality. There is no question in my mind that our level of performance and productivity has increased as a result of her involvement."
Julian Young
Vice President of Operations
Nomaco, Inc.
Zebulon, North Carolina