Von Clemm Leadership Solutions' broad range of experience results in solutions tailored to fit your precise needs. We have worked with Fortune 100 corporations, small- to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, individual executives, and human resource directors and consultants.

As our client, you are provided a thorough analysis of your unique situation and a customized course of action specific to you and your business. Our personalized approach and comprehensive products make our services the choice of many organizations, including:
• AT&T: Network Systems
• Bank Administration Institute
• BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina
• City of Greensboro
• Carolina Manufacturers Services (CMS)
• Echevarria and Associates, Inc.
• Firm Solutions, Inc.
• Foundation Services
• Gearbuck Aviation
• Genesis Aviation
• The Guardian Ad Litem Program
• Hoechst Celanese
• NationsBanc Strategic Technology Services
• Nomaco, Inc.
• The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
• North Carolina Trust Company
• PacifiCare
• Triad Health Project
• Volvo GM Heavy Truck Corporation
• Wendover Funding/EDS
A Quantum Change in Worth

"In my experience, I've found Elisabeth successfully delivers three very important things to American companies: more effective leaders, increased productivity, and a much improved system of performance. As any business leader worth their salt knows, a dramatic change in any of those areas can make a quantum change in the worth of any organization."
Dale McGlothlin
Chief Operating Officer
Genesis Aviation
Greensboro, NC