Align your people, your business systems and their interactions for better bottom-line results.
Leadership Coaching is the most powerful medium for performance improvement in adults. This one-on-one process clarifies goals, broadens choices for action, and provides accountability for focused change.
  THE RESULT? Greater efficiency, stronger leadership, higher job satisfaction, and reduced conflict with others.
While we offer a wide range of consulting services, our research and experience shows that the following strategies offer your organization the greatest return on investment and the most direct route to improvements in human performance:
Organizational Diagnostics provide a snapshot of your organization's health and help you target the real source of lower-than-expected performance. We offer a variety of management and leadership assessments that quickly determine key performance inhibitors and allow us to focus our problem-solving efforts.
  THE RESULT? Separate fact from opinion, focus your time and money on the actual problem and benchmark for future change.
Our Leadership Development Process ® (LDP) targets intact teams to link effective leadership behaviors with hard business performance indicators, like productivity, profitability, innovation and customer satisfaction. This is a customized leadership program designed for mid- to upper-level managers.
  THE RESULT? Organizational change at its most powerful.
Teambuilding is the fastest way to create a more effective team. By clarifying team goals, assessing team strengths and weaknesses, and providing targeted training, our teambuilding services remove obstacles to higher performance and leave your team with a set of follow-up practices that sustain the group after the process is over.
  THE RESULT? Reduced conflict, better use of group time, and better business results long after we're gone.
Our Conflict Resolution and Mediation services are designed to help resolve conflicts or mediate disagreements while re-energizing your business. You will learn about conflict management styles, identify the root cause of the conflict, and find an effective business solution that inspires commitment from all parties.
  THE RESULT? Turn an impasse into an opportunity.
We offer a carefully selected group of leadership, personality, and career assessments that will benefit any individual or group interested in professional growth and development. These validated instruments provide a neutral and easily understood snapshot of individual or team strengths and also help describe preferred approaches to communication, leadership, decision-making, conflict resolution and problem-solving. For personality assessments specifically designed and validated for hiring employees, please click here.

These assessments are available through our website and are interpreted directly by our experts.
  THE RESULT? New strategies for influencing others, more options for mastering change, greater flexibility when dealing with conflict, and a broader range of choices when making critical decisions.
Unparalleled Skills, Experience, and Service

"We do not often meet business associates with the true sincerity and caring [we found in] your firm. I am sure that is what sets your organization apart from the crowd. Your skills, ability to deal with people, experience, and service is unparalleled. The insight you brought us to positively deal with change was a critical success factor for us as a department. Although your product is not easy to quantify, the intangibles of increased employee morale, confidence and stability is invaluable. Throughout our lives, some people make impressions on us, and you are one of them."
Jay Foliano
Beechtree Associates
Winston-Salem, NC