Good performance is made up of three factors:

  1. Adequate skills and knowledge
  2. Right job "fit"
  3. Accurate performance feedback

When increasing skills or knowledge is the next step in improving the performance of your people, then a properly designed training program delivered to small groups (15 - 20 participants) is your most time- and cost-effective solution.
Here is a partial list of our over 40 road-tested training programs deliverable as two-hour overviews; as one-, two-, or three-day training programs; or as train-the-trainer programs. (Please click here to download PDF file of detailed training program descriptions.)
  Hiring Right as a Competitive Advantage: Getting and Keeping Your Best Employees
  You're Not Crazy, You're Just Not Me: The Myers-Briggs, the FIRO-B and Your Team
  The Ropes Course Challenge: The Experiential Approach to Teambuilding
  Using Conflict to Re-Energize Your Business
  Results-Oriented Meetings
  Creating the Innovative Workplace: Models & Strategies for Practical Creativity
  Managing Change In The 21st Century
  Using The Enneagram in Business
  Leadership Strategies for Women
  The A-B-C's of Creating Better Performance in Your People
To ensure that our training programs integrate seamlessly into your company:
  ALL our training and education programs are custom designed. We integrate learnings from your prior training programs. In addition, at no extra charge, we conduct a thorough "outcomes assessment," which allows us to tailor the content and exercises of the program for different areas and levels of your organization.
To ensure that our training programs provide more than just a temporary increase in performance or a shortlived boost in morale:
  ALL our programs are practical and action-oriented. Actual work problems and situations are brought into the classroom so that skills can be learned while working on "live" problems. Information presented is relevant and "bite-sized". In our two- and three-day program format, major ideas are presented using role plays and small group exercises.
  ALL our programs include a one- to two-hour open "consulting" module, which allows your participants to receive coaching on their unique issues. As studies have shown, training alone increases productivity by about 25%. When joined with coaching, productivity increases to well over 80%!
To ensure that your people want to come to our trainings:
  ALL our programs incorporate a dynamic and quick-paced learning style that actively involves participants. Participants label our presenters as "dynamic, energizing, bright, and entertaining."
To help you save money on bigger training projects:
  Your trainers and consultants can be certified to train our programs, and your organization can purchase the rights to use any program designed by von Clemm Leadership Consultants, Inc. or can pay a nominal per participant materials usage fee. Depending on the scope of your organization's needs, a train-the-trainer approach may be your most cost-effective solution.
For information or in-depth proposals on these or other topics, please contact us directly.
Fast Moving, High Energy

"Interesting, fast moving, fun, high energy, easy to grasp, the most effective tools that I can put into use immediately. Elisabeth was by far the best outside consultant we have used. Extend her contract or hire her."
Workshop Participant
BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

"Elisabeth's programs have always far exceeded any other sessions that I have attended. Her thorough preparation shines through so that you receive exactly what you want, need and can actually use. Her sessions are fun, thought provoking, interactive, and useful. I have utilized her talents for the last several years, and plan to utilize her again in 2004 and beyond. Elisabeth never disappoints !!"
Jo Ann Wetzel
Director of Sales
San Antonio, Texas
Got Everyone Involved

"What a fantastic presentation! You had the group in the palm of your hand. You got them involved right away and held their attention for the entire seminar. My members have been e-mailing me and the consensus is: "This was the best program ever!" Thanks so much for providing a dynamic, interesting, enjoyable, content rich seminar that gave everyone information they can use."
Jay Cornet
Triad, North Carolina
Useable Concepts

"Just wanted to tell you that yesterday's training was absolutely the best one yet! Elisabeth was fantastic and I came back this morning and have already begun implementing the concepts."
Chuck Melton
Melton Technologies
Winston-Salem, North Carolina